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Myron Dyal & Perceptions Today Community Roundtable: Guided by Intuition

He is a mystic, self-taught Outsider artist, musician and has visions that are connected to his temporal lobe epilepsy and are the catalysts for the art!

‘Each piece is a record of a vision that has occurred during some event and I have over 6,000 drawings, paintings, and sculptures. I was in a coma when I was a child, four years old and when I awoke my mind was erased and my visions began and have continued to the present day. I am a musician and music was all I had to express my inner being until I began creating art in the late 1970’s. It all started with my journals and then later I began to draw, paint and sculpt. What I created I also “danced”, in other words I conducted a ceremony around all the works in order to internalize their contents. I would spend a great deal of time in the mountains where I was living at the time walking and seeking my energy.’

Click the Perceptions Today logo below to listen to the 4 part interview:


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